Anxiety Wizard for the NHS and Healthcare workers of Nepal

Anxiety Wizard for the NHS is a Self Help Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) Program that is useful for treating anxiety, panic, depression and stress. All you need is an NHS email to be eligible. Non NHS users and emails will be removed.

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Let me explain the true nature of anxiety

Once you have watched this video, you will realise that anxiety is little more than a combination of habits of thought and emotion coupled with a few well worn brain processes that keep creating anxiety for you. I know that Anxiety 101 will genuinely open your eyes and start you on the journey out of anxiety.


Change your mindset

When you have a long standing problem like anxiety, you develop a mindset from your experience that can make it harder to get rid of anxiety. So you must work to change your mindset to get a better outcome and a better experience.


Anxiety Wizard for the NHS is free. Join now and let's get started.


A walk through Anxiety Wizard

Dr Purves takes you on a journey through Anxiety Wizard.


Join Anxiety Wizard for the NHS today.

All you need to join is a valid NHS email. No personal information is stored other than your email for login purposes. You will receive no email, other than your login details and how to download and use the app. Non NHS emails and users are not permitted.



You can now get Anxiety Wizard for the NHS on your phone or tablet. Just go to and download the free Kajabi app. 

What is Kajabi?

It's the platform I use to host Anxiety Wizard for the NHS.

Once you download the free Kajabi app, just sign in with your NHS sign up email and that's it!

With the new mobile app feature, you'll be able to access everything. The app also automatically saves your progress, even when you switch between sessions and devices.


Download the Kajabi app here.

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